Between the Lines
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(Apocalypse Now - Big Wednesday)


BETWEEN THE LINES explores the Vietnam War through the prism of the surfing sub-culture. The film offers unique insight into the dramatic effect that the Vietnam War and draft had on young American men who rode waves.

Between the Lines explores the choice that most draft age surfers faced during the Vietnam War era: either go to war or evade the draft. It was one or the other. Between the Lines delves into the lives of two surfers who choose opposite paths. Pat Farley and Brant Page.

While following the lives of these two surfers the film chronicles the impact of the Vietnam War on the surfing lifestyle. From the peaceful shores of Hawaii to the canopy jungles of Vietnam, Between the Lines excavates the surfing cultures response to an extraordinary circumstance.

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We are honored that Between the Lines has raised almost $10,000 for Veterans organizations such as the Veterans Village in San Diego, California.

Please thank and support our military Veteran's.

“This is the soil from which APOCALYPSE NOW grew out of; it's as simple as that.”
- John Milius

“An Extraordinary, compassionate, and compelling documentary.”
- Drew Kampion, The Surfers Path

“You did a wonderful job and helped me to untie a few more knots. It sat with me all night.”
- John Prietto, Vietnam combat veteran & Army lifeguard

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Pat and Brant
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